US Elections, Global Banking, Nuclear Weapons and Democracy


SUPERPOWER: Feature Documentary

Order from Global Research
– 2010-10-21

The Great Depression of the XXI Century
– by Michel Chossudovsky, Andrew Gavin Marshall – 2010-10-20
America´s Shadow Class War and the 2010 Elections. The Rich are Getting Richer.

– by E.J. Dionne Jr. – 2010-10-12
  Inside the Global Banking Intelligence Complex, BCCI Operations

Part II
– by David DeGraw – 2010-10-12
  No International Justice for Congo. UN Coverup of War Crimes

– by Ann Garrison – 2010-10-12
  Britain: Frog Numbers Plummet 80% as Virus Decimates Adult Population

– 2010-10-12
  Nuclear Weapons and the Survival of the Homo Sapiens (Part II)

Michel Chossudovsky’s presentation at the University of Havana
– by Fidel Castro Ruz – 2010-10-12
  Bolivia: ‘Never Before Have We Seen Such Changes’

– by Alina Canaviri Sullcani – 2010-10-12
  Judge Bars Torture Evidence in Ex-Guantánamo Detainee Trial

– by Bill Van Auken – 2010-10-12
U.S. Threat to Attack Iran with Nukes is “Criminal”

– by Sherwood Ross – 2010-10-11
The Top Censored Stories From 2009-2010

– by Project Censored – 2010-10-11
  America’s “Afghan Trap” Enters 10th Year

– by Robert Bridge – 2010-10-11
Foreclose This: There’s More Than Robo Signatures To Blame For The Ongoing Foreclosure Scandal

– by Danny Schechter – 2010-10-11
  Israel’s Other ‘Peace’ Plan. Arm-Twisting Obama

– by Jonathan Cook – 2010-10-11
  Who Controls “Big Money”? The Barclay’s Octopus

– by Matthias Chang – 2010-10-11
Reports Expose White House Cover-up of BP spill

– by Tom Eley – 2010-10-11
  Over 60 Percent of Afghans Suffer Mental Health Problems

– 2010-10-11
  Argentina Protests UK Falklands Military Exercise

– 2010-10-11
Afghanistan: Global NATO’s First Ground War In Its Tenth Year

– by Rick Rozoff – 2010-10-11
Invasive Cyber Technologies and Internet Privacy: Big Brother is only a “Ping” or Mouse Click Away

– by Tom Burghardt – 2010-10-11
  Why Is Unemployment Rising?

– by Washington’s Blog – 2010-10-10
Does Your Food Contain Genetically Modified Organisms?

– by Rady Ananda – 2010-10-10
The Wealthy are Bursting from their Financial Seams: The Struggle for a Workers’ Recovery

– by Shamus Cooke – 2010-10-10
  Pakistani, European Officials Charge US Manufactured Terror Scare

– by Robert Stevens – 2010-10-10
The Ecuadorian Coup: Its Larger Meaning

– by James Petras – 2010-10-10
  The Afghan War, Past and Present

– by FAIR – 2010-10-09
  US Banks Fake Documents to Rush Foreclosures

– by Tom Eley – 2010-10-09
  The US Economy is Faltering. An Inflationary Depression is in Progress

– by Bob Chapman – 2010-10-09
  Impasse of US-NATO Military Adventure: Coalition loses 150 Tankers in Pakistan

– by Syed Moazzam Hashmi – 2010-10-09
The Nightmare: The Iraq Invasion’s Atrocities, Unearthing the Unthinkable

– by Felicity Arbuthnot – 2010-10-09
  The Financial Crisis Continues to Take its Toll. The Burden That Haunts Obama

– by Danny Schechter – 2010-10-09
Elections in Brazil: US Covert Intelligence Operations in Support of “Democracy”

– by Nil Nikandrov – 2010-10-09
Side-by-Side Gaza Flotilla Timeline Report

– by Friends of Charities Association (FOCA), International Bureau of Humanitarian NGOs (IBH) – 2010-10-09
Pentagon Partners With NATO To Create Global Cyber Warfare System

– by Rick Rozoff – 2010-10-09
Nuclear Weapons and the Survival of the Homo Sapiens

– by Fidel Castro Ruz – 2010-10-08
  Cuban 5: 34 Years of Impunity

– 2010-10-08
  The Rwandan Genocide: Revenge Tragedy

– by John Laughland – 2010-10-08
  US and Japanese Air Forces Target North Korea

Misawa American Base Town in Northern Japan
– by Saito Mitsumasa – 2010-10-08
Corporate Cash Floods US Congressional Elections

– by Patrick Martin – 2010-10-08
  October 7: Ten Years of War in Afghanistan. Obama Should End the War or He Will Pay a Heavy Political Price

– by Kevin Zeese – 2010-10-08
  America’s Third World Economy

– by Paul Craig Roberts – 2010-10-08
Fraud in Home Mortgages: “ForeclosureGate” and Obama’s “Pocket Veto”

– by Ellen Brown – 2010-10-08
IMF Calls for Huge New Round of Bank Bailouts

– by Washington’s Blog – 2010-10-08
  Afghanistan: 57 NATO Tankers Set Ablaze in Fresh Assaults

– 2010-10-08
The Rights of America´s Veterans: Protests of Bonus Army ¨Were Not In Vain; Their Effort Led To The GI Bill of Rights

– by Sherwood Ross – 2010-10-08
What’s Behind the One Nation Rally

– by Jack A. Smith – 2010-10-08
Media Disinformation: Washington´s “Regime Change Hit List”: Iran versus Honduras

Part 1
– by Edward S. Herman, David Peterson – 2010-10-07
Political Terminologies and “Terrorism”

Newt Gingrich’s ‘Terrorism’
– by Ramzy Baroud – 2010-10-07
  Is America Under Attack? … Or Are the Barbarians Inside the Gates?

– by Washington’s Blog – 2010-10-07
Lieberman Speaks for All of Israel. The dangers of ‘recognition’

– by Jonathan Cook – 2010-10-07
VIDEO: Hungary Struggles to Stem Toxic Sludge

Breaking News on GRTV
– 2010-10-06
Neoliberalism in South Africa: Dead in the Water

Development Goals Will Not Be Met
– by Prof. Patrick Bond – 2010-10-06
Financial Toxic Waste Continues to Unravel. Loan Assets “Created Out of Thin Air”

The Circumvention of Basel Accord Capital
– by Matthias Chang – 2010-10-06
  Supply Blockade Enters 7th Day as NATO Tankers Sabotaged Once Again

– by Syed Moazzam Hashmi – 2010-10-06
  Nine Years of US Presence in Afghanistan: What Next?

– by Boris Volkhonsky – 2010-10-06
U.S. And NATO To Wage 15-Year War In Afghanistan And Pakistan

– by Rick Rozoff – 2010-10-06
  The China-Japan Conflict: The Senkaku/Diaoyutai Islands Clash

– by Tanaka Sakai – 2010-10-06
Washington´s Fear Campaign: US Issues Terror Alert for European Cities

– by Patrick Martin – 2010-10-06
The Criminality of Nuclear Deterrence. The World is at the Precipice of another World War

– by Prof. Francis A. Boyle – 2010-10-06
Yemen: The Covert Apparatus of the American Empire

– by Andrew Gavin Marshall – 2010-10-05
The American Empire in the Gulf of Aden and Africa
Evidence Refutes BP’s and Fed’s Deceptions

– by Dahr Jamail, Erika Blumenfeld – 2010-10-05
Yugoslavia’s US Sponsored “Democratic Revolution”: Nice Guys Finish Last

– by Diana Johnstone – 2010-10-05
  How the CIA Ran a Secret Army of 3,000 Assassins

– by Julius Cavendish – 2010-10-05
Globalism Destroys America’s Middle Class

Record income gap between rich and poor
– by Dr. Jerome Corsi – 2010-10-05
Reclaiming Rationality and Scientific Method

The Life-Coherence Principle as Global System Imperative
– by John McMurtry – 2010-10-05
  Karzai: ‘US Not After Terrorists in Afghanistan’

– 2010-10-05
  Neoliberalism in Australia: Government Introduces Savage Spending Cuts

– by Patrick O’Connor – 2010-10-05
  Russia Increases Combat Capabilities in Arctic

– 2010-10-05
Ecuador Coup Attempt Engineered by the CIA

– by Nil Nikandrov – 2010-10-05
Obama’s Cave-In To Israel

– by Jonathan Cook – 2010-10-05
The Protest Movement. Financial Fraud in Iceland

– by Rady Ananda – 2010-10-05
  U.S. Economic, Political and Military Expansion in the Asia-Pacific Region

– by Dana Gabriel – 2010-10-05
Crypto Wars! Obama Wants New Law to Wiretap the Internet

– by Tom Burghardt – 2010-10-04
We’re In a Global Currency War … But What Does It Mean?

– by Washington’s Blog – 2010-10-04
  Global Currency Wars and the Police State

Selected Articles
– 2010-10-04
  “We Demand Change in America”: The Real Significance of the One Nation Rally

– by Shamus Cooke – 2010-10-04
Venezuela: Left wins, but Right Makes Gains

– by Federico Fuentes – 2010-10-04
  Marching on Washington: The Joy of Victory and the Agony of Defeat as my Feet Hurt and Heart Ached

– by Danny Schechter – 2010-10-04
Economic Shock Therapy for Wall Street: Mortgage Lenders Could Soon be Falling like Dominos

JP Morgan suspends 56,000 foreclosures, GMAC and BOA
– by Ellen Brown – 2010-10-03
  Workers Rights and the Economic Crisis: Striking in a Time of Austerity

– by Scott Neigh – 2010-10-03
US Sponsored “Civil War” in Colombia: Piedad Córdoba and Her Fight for Peace

– by Fidel Castro Ruz – 2010-10-03
Obama’s Congo Moment: Genocide, the U.N. Report and Senate Bill 2125

– by Ann Garrison – 2010-10-03
  VIDEO: China Labour Strikes Gain Momentum

Despite ban, workers seeking more rights step up strikes across the country.
– by Steve Chao – 2010-10-03
  11 US Soldiers Killed in Philippine Anti-Terror Campaign Since 2002

– 2010-10-03
  Volcker: “The Financial System is Broken” and “the Mortgage Market Has Become a Subsidiary of the U.S. Government”

– by Washington’s Blog – 2010-10-03
What Classless Society? The Growing Rich-poor Gap in “Classless” America

Top 10% controls 96% of the wealth
– by Jack A. Smith – 2010-10-03
In Struggle With The American Mind

– by William Blum – 2010-10-02
  Crisis of US Monetary Policy: Quantitative Easing Doesn’t Work

Bernanke Knew This Back in 1988
– by Washington’s Blog – 2010-10-02
America’s Food Chain: The Crisis, the Attack, the Kill

The S-510 Legislation Spells Disaster
– by Rady Ananda – 2010-10-02
Towards an Inflationary Depression in America

– by Bob Chapman – 2010-10-02
Victim of FBI Raid Speaks Out

– by Tom Eley – 2010-10-02
  US House Passes Anti-China Trade War Bill

– by Barry Grey – 2010-10-01
  Turkey and Russia Defy America’s Imperial Design in the Middle East and Central Asia

– by Eric Walberg – 2010-10-01
“Underground” Group of Cadets Say Air Force Academy Controlled by Evangelicals

– by Mike Ludwig – 2010-10-01
  Scientists: 40 Times More Cancer-Causing Toxics in Gulf than Before Spill … Dispersants to Blame

– by Washington’s Blog – 2010-10-01
  Farewell to Arms: Jenny, Iraq and the Next War

– by Ramzy Baroud – 2010-10-01
Baltic States: Pentagon’s Training Grounds For Afghan and Future Wars

– by Rick Rozoff – 2010-10-01
Deceptions, A brilliant Clarion to save the Internet

Review of Chris Pratt’s film
– by Rady Ananda – 2010-10-01
  Ecuador: A third US sponsored coup d’etat against a member state of the Bolivarian Alliance of the Americas (ALBA)

– by Eva Golinger – 2010-10-01
  Ecuador: Wounded President denounces Coup

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