President Chavez ratifies denouncement of economic conspiracy against Bolivarian revolution

Caracas, May 13. ABN.- The President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez ratified that there is a, local and international, economic conspiracy against the Bolivarian revolution with a political purpose, aimed at promoting speculation in both transactions with the U.S. currency and consumer goods.

The denunciation was made by the Head of State during the inauguration act of the Bolivarian National Police Training Center in Caracas.

“Who are behind all this’ Big capitalist people, Venezuelan and foreigners, big companies; because, there is an economic conspiracy against the revolution to generate more inflation, shortages, and people’s displeasure.”

Chavez explained that he requested for support to the General Attorney Office, the National Bolivarian Intelligence System and any other investigation organ of the State to counter the speculation promoted by some financial sectors with the currency, trying to put pressure on parallel dollar exchange rates.

Likewise, he underscored that the Government is currently investigating some people that are bringing dollars to the country to promote the parallel market.

The Venezuelan President explained that these destabilizing actions belong to a political plan of Venezuela’s bourgeoisie as to win the parliamentarian elections next September.

“They will fail, but that is the plan: create shortages, economic problems, increase crime rates, because a great part of the crime in Venezuela has a political seal, are just induced crimes,” he stated.

Moreover, Chavez pointed out that these economic systems in which banks and stock houses take part, have some mechanisms and ways to make business that are unknown by most of the people.


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