Chavez strengthens socialist distribution networks and declares war against speculation

Chavez strengthens socialist distribution networks and declares war against speculation

Caracas, May 16. ABN.- The President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez declared the war against speculation and organized crime that want to destabilize the Venezuelan Government and its Bolivarian process. Likewise, he informed about the new institutions created that will join the food production and distribution system.

Putting in practice the socialist policies that will help the country to move towards the consolidation of food sovereignty, the President Chavez informed the people the last measures adopted by his Administration against speculation and the next works under construction for people’s welfare, during his weekly TV and radio program “Alo, Presidente.”

Fighting against speculation and building the socialism

In the framework of the fight against speculation and working for a price reduction of food products, the President of Venezuela inaugurated the supermarket Supermercal General Jose Laurencio Silva, which belongs to the food networks expansion plan in the country.

This food distribution center is the second largest of the governmental food network Mercal in the country.

Furthermore, the Venezuelan Head of State commented on the efforts done by the Bolivarian Government to recover the production capacity in the country, fight against speculation, and move forward towards the industrial development of the country.

In this regard, on Sunday, eighty communal mini-Mercal stores were inaugurated nationwide.

Chavez pointed out that in each state communal representatives received their food distribution competence certificate. These people will be in charge of distributing and selling basic-needs basket products in their regions.

In this regard, the Venezuelan President made them a call to multiply the small production units that can be found near the mini-Mercal stores and invited mayors and ministers to work on it.

Moreover, he emphasized that family “backyard” agriculture must be promoted. In this sense, he commented that his Government will resume a project with Brazil, where 70 percent of the agricultural production comes that way.

Afterwards, Chavez highlighted that the governmental food network Mercal sells products up to 60 percent under their regulated price, which contributes with people money saving and a better distribution of the resources among population.

During Chavez’s weekly, the first Social Supply Unit at the Commune Construccion Panal 2021 was also inaugurated. This communal supply center will sell products from the Venezuelan Food Corporation, CVA, and vegetables produced by farmers that have been supported by governmental policies.

President Chavez explained that in addition to the creation of new food distribution centers, the State will keep fighting against inflation and the indiscriminate rise of prices; therefore, he made a call to companies in the country to obey Venezuelan Laws.

He added that recent expropriations are aimed at fighting against the speculation, and making people to have access to basic food products. For instance, the expropriation of the company Molinos Nacionales (Monaca), will give the Government the capacity to process 45 percent of the corn consumed in the country, as well as to lower food costs.

Towards industrial sovereignty with China’s cooperation

The Head of State made reference to the meeting held with a top-level commission from China on Saturday night, aimed at looking over the work agenda for Asian investment in Venezuela to improve basic industries in the country.

The Venezuelan President commented that the Chinese delegation made a tour by the raw materials companies in Venezuela and they were amazed of seeing huge mountains of iron and such a large reserve.

Water for everybody

Moreover, Chavez informed that he approved the allocation of more than 1.3 billion bolivares ($500 million) to guarantee drinkable water for Venezuelans.

“This revolution has to guarantee drinkable water for the entire Venezuelan people, but not a guarantee for today only (…) We are assuring to have water for the next 20 years,” Chavez said.

In this regard, he underscored that previous capitalist governments privatized the drinkable water “and rich people filled up their pools and washed their cars with it.”

Land recovery continues

In the framework of the fight against workers exploitation, the President made a telephone contact during the program with the President of the national land institute Juan Carlos Loyo, who talked about the progress achieved after 14 days a land was recovered by the Government.

According to Loyo, daily milk production in that place has been doubled after two weeks thanks to the rescue plan implemented by his institute, from 100 to 200 liters. In addition, expert technicians are executing a recovery project to safe the coffee production that was hardly affected by plague.

Chavez underscored that with the nationalization of this large-estate the State will give a better use of these lands.

Law Against Illicit Exchange Transaction comes into force

The President of Venezuela took advantage of the opportunity to sign the reform to the Law Against Illicit Exchange Transactions, passed by the National Assembly, and he urged population to denounce people that offer dollars at a different price of the one established by the Government.

The Law was reformed to face speculation with the exchange of dollars, bring to justice “dollar’s speculators,” and leave under Venezuelan Central Bank control any transaction done through exchange bonds, which were previously negotiated by the entire financial system.

Chavez reiterated his call to denounce people offering dollars at a different price through the phone numbers that he has published in his Tweeter account: @chavezcandanga. He informed that, to date, diverse raids have been done thanks to denouncements made by the people through the social network.

Inauguration of works for people’s benefit

At the end of his Sunday’s program, Chavez informed that he will inaugurate and supervise diverse works aimed at improving Venezuelan’s quality of life.

On Monday he will deal with the just reformed Law Against Illicit Exchange Transactions. On Tuesday, he will meet with the board of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) to appoint the National Campaign Command for the next parliamentarian election to be held on September 26.

On Wednesday, Chavez will preside over a ceremony to grant credits from the Bicentenary Fund to a group of small and micro companies to continue strengthening national production.

On Thursday, he will supervise some public works under construction, such as the railway system and he will inaugurate more health units at the Maternity Hospital Concepcion Palacios in Caracas, in the framework of the governmental maternity program Mision Niño Jesus.

On Friday, Chavez will inaugurate the new cellphone factory Orinoquia, which will produce mobiles with Chinese technology.


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