European parliamentarians praise Venezuelan participatory democracy

Caracas, May 22. ABN.- “Representatives of the European Union Parliament expressed pleasure and supportiveness to the participatory democracy, which is a guarantee to the defense of the human, social and labor rights, provided by the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela,” informed the Vice-president of Commissions of the Venezuelan Group of the Latin American Parliament, Carolus Wimmer.

Wimmer took part this Friday in a conference in Paris, France, called the Anti-imperialism and the Bolivarian Revolution, where he held meetings with eurodeputies from Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy and Germany, who rejected the reports emitted by a really small group of parliamentarians against Venezuela.

“There is a friendly perception of the Bolivarian Government inside that European organ. Because they have great hopes that the success of the Venezuelan process would have social repercussions in Europe,” Wimmer said.

In this sense, he reiterated that the resolution emitted by the right-wing eurodeputies against Venezuela, regarding the media issue and the fight against large estates, was not supported by the great majority of the Parliament; however, the information was manipulated by the big mass media companies that are trying to promote a sabotage in the country.

Carolus Wimmer explained that the controversy emerged because within the Parliament the debate does not prevail, because it is a multinational organ. Therefore, the members that reject a proposal just leave the hall and the document can be signed by those remaining in the place. No matter if they are 2, 3, 4 or 27 members.

“For that reason the attacks against Venezuela never prosper, because the great majority that favor us leave the hall and they oppose resoundingly those who, even, ask for a political and economic blockade against our country,” Wimmer stated.

Moreover, he informed that there are currently in Europe diverse popular protests rejecting European Parliament intention of approving a reduction of the pensions, no financing to preschool education, and measures that promote the unemployment within the Continent.

Nevertheless, Wimmer denounced that a really small group of representatives, who count with a huge media power, are behind the silence of the media regarding the permanent protests and strikes slamming Europe due to the world financial and economic crisis.


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